Leon Smiley


The King

Weight Class:


Fight Record

Total Fights:



24 (24 KOs)






1 (WBC) (WBA) (Retired)

The King

The King's Ring Walk

Leon Smiley is a 23 year old African-American from Brooklyn, New York. He is 170 cm tall and has a reach of 71.5 inches. His boxing style is that of a boxer-puncher and packs a devastating straight right hand, this is very reminiscent to real life boxer Tommy "Hitman" Hearns who, like Smiley, was a tall and rangy boxer-puncher famous for his devastating straight right. Smiley is trained by Ed Garren, a trainer with 40 years of experience under his belt and has raised 12 world champions over the course of his career. Smiley likes to use playing cards for magic tricks and even goes so far as to superstitiously use them to predict his own fights.

When he is first introduced Leon Smiley is the #1 ranked Bantamweight fighter for both the WBC and WBA, scheduled to fight the WBC's #2 ranked fighter, Joe Yabuki. Around the same time Yabuki and Smiley's fight was scheduled to take place, the unification bout between the WBC World Champion, Jose Mendoza, and WBA World Champion, Harold Gomez, was also scheduled to take place, thus making Smiley and Yabuki's bout a title eliminator to face the newly crowned undisputed Bantamweight champion of the world.

Leon Smiley is an anime original character.

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