Danpei Tange

Name Danpei Tange



丹下 段平
Romaji Tange Danpei
Seiyuu Jūkei Fujioka

Danpei Tange (丹下 段平 , Tange Danpei) is an ex-boxer who was unable to fulfil his dream of becoming the world champion (most probably because of losing his eye). Due to his broken dreams he tries to become boxing coach of the boxer who could become the world champion but all his students abandon him. As a result of this he starts drinking to forget the pain of his broken dreams but one day he finds a boy capable of becoming a world champion, Joe Yabuki. I.e He believes that Joe has a bright 'tomorrow'. Danpei tries to convince him to become a boxer but it goes in vain till Joe himself finds a reason to box.

After Joe comes back to Namida bridge from the correction house. Danpei starts training him for becoming a professional boxer. Initially, Danpei looks at Joe as a means to fulfil his dreams but later he truly starts caring for Joe.

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